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Max Mendez

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Marty Trejo

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Delia Jean

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Sam Arnold

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Stella Jae

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Artists from 2018 Shows


Frank Styburski

"My goal is to create images with impact, that spark interest, and delight. I like to focus on strong color, shapes, contrast, abstraction and situational irony."

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Gregory Deddo

"We cannot know ourselves in isolation. Our sense of identity and worth can only be understood as we interact with and relate to others."

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Frederick Nitsch

"My abstract paintings have been described as colorful Rorschach tests, and I welcome this comparison."

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Jean Damen

"My paintings help me explore daily life through getting messy with beautiful colors. I’m inspired by everything and especially my children."

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Kelly Witte

"I find enjoyment in a juxtaposing an eclectic menagerie of organic shapes and patterns while intertwining pin-up women that are reminiscent of mid-twentieth century popular culture."

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Xuanlin Ye

For a selection of my paintings and a brief description, visit this page: https://www.artworkarchive.com/profile/xuanlin-ye

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Curtis Bozif

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Taehoon Kim

Brilliant small and large scale ceramics!

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Cy Ghost

Visual Art Nirvana V.A.N. artwork & design.

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Frank Vega

Frank's artwork deals with topics concerning identity, social class, gender, and different cultural celebrations. 

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Alexandra Giannopoulos

Alexandra believes that everyone has a unique story to share...art can bring out hidden aspects of an individual's voice. 

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Kat Huddleston

Cool fused glass sculptures and jewelry!

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